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Can Healing Schools Heal Depression and Anxiety?

abstract figures around sun

Around the Sun by Laura Berger

The search for a school to ease my mind

Perhaps you or someone you love can relate to the following: Despite seeming to have done “everything right” on the path of personal growth and holistic wellness—meditation and personal development retreats; transformational workshops; eating an organic diet; a yoga, qigong, or dance practice; perhaps even pilgrimages to India or Peru—there remain patterns that could be described by Western medicine as depression or anxiety. I have had my own challenges in these areas, but always hesitated to seek labeling for them, as I intuitively felt they were part of a much broader holistic picture than Western medicine typically describes. I also knew I wasn’t alone in my thinking. On World Health Day in 2017, the World Health Organization launched a yearlong program titled “Depression: Let’s Talk,” and part of the message of the day was summed up by Health and Human Rights Journal: “The excessive medicalization of mental health not only fails countless individuals in need of services, it fails all of us, in every stage of our lives.” The article goes on: For example, there exists compelling eviden …

Prema Gaia first wrote for S&H about leaving the fast life in Los Angeles and spending four years living “ultra light”—taking to the road with the clothes on her back and no money at all. Gaia is passionate about facilitating transformational events, connecting changemakers, working one-on-one with clients, and writing about emerging movements that are supporting global awakening.

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