Toolbox: Moonlit Path

Toolbox: Moonlit Path


The moon is our constant companion, bestowing healing energy, wonder, and serenity through curious gazing. A symbol of transformation, the moon invites new changes each month.

Invite the Luna Fairies

Inviting enchantment into your moon garden has never been easier. Wild Pixy’s fairy garden set includes glow-in-the-dark pebbles and solar lights, perfect to watch for fairies on your moonlit path. $89.95.

“We wanted our customers to look out at their nighttime fairy wonderland and use that light to be reminded that magic is all around us and within us—we just have to take the time to look and to see the light among the dark.” —Melissa Davies, Wild Pixy
Nightime fairy garden
Wild Pixy
Rishi's Blue Moon Milk Tea
Rishi Tea & Botanicals

Sip a Blue Moon

The next official blue moon isn’t until 2024, but a nourishing substitute is Rishi’s Blue Moon Milk Tea. Made from butterfly pea flower powder (known for its nootropic qualities), blue jasmine tea, and matcha, it’s the perfect beverage for a late-night walk. The individual ingredients are available at and the recipe is at

Aglow Wonderland

The Enchanted Lunar Lamp™ brings the healing magic of the moon’s energy into any living space. It can remind us that the dark times wax and wane, allowing us renewal. $39.99.

The Enchanted Lunar Lamp
Twinkling Tree/Enchanted Lunar Lamp
Scott Aumann/Getty

Moonflower Power

Beauty and magic go hand-in-hand with the moonflower, a vine that blooms at dusk and stays open in the moonlight. The moonflower brings delight to viewers and nocturnal pollinators both. This plant is a perennial in zones 10 and 11 and an annual elsewhere. Seeds are widely available.

Lunar Planner

The mini astrological pocket planner offers a way to live magically through a deeper alignment and awareness of the moon. It includes a moon planting guide and planetary days and hours. $30.

Astro Pocket Planner
Magic of I/Shaman's Market
Celestial Heavens Puzzle

Celestial Heavens Puzzle

This Jig Time puzzle offers a therapeutic way to meditateon the moon. It can double as wall art when it’s finished. It can be a reminder to grab at our dreams a piece at a time. 1,000 pieces, 24 x 24”. $32.

Moon Mug

Designworks Ink offers stackable mugs in a variety of fun looks. This lunar mug features gold foil accents. $18.

Moon mug
moonlit path

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