The start of a new year provides us with an opportunity to turn the page and forge new beginnings. Now is the time to start looking past last year’s disappointment and toward that next exciting stage of learning and growth in our lives! However, we often put so much stress on ourselves at this time of year that we never get past that start; we fail before we ever really even begin.

Spirituality & Health is here to help you start the new year off right. Check out our New Year, New Beginnings toolkit below to find articles on setting better resolutions, prioritizing self-care, and ceremonies and rituals to kick off the new year with more gentleness and intention.

Resolve to Make Better Resolutions

2020 Resolutions
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Creative (and Shame-Free) Resolutions

Sometimes, we set ourselves up for failure by making promises we can’t keep by initiating resolutions steeped in self-blame. Try these 20 small—but mighty—resolutions to foster positivity and growth in your life rather than shame and failure. Read more

Resolutions Kevin Anderson Story
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“I Feel Bad About Not Sticking With My Resolutions”

Every year, we make resolutions. Every year, it seems, we fall short. That's perfectly fine. Falling short is almost inevitable. What matters is what happens next. Read more

Butterfly Shoulder

Why Change Is Difficult for Us (and Ways to Overcome It)

Change is uncomfortable—it requires a creative process that is always a messy journey into the unknown, a zone that can be terrifying. But along with the terror there is often a spark of excitement. Here’s how to pursue that spark. Read more

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Resolution: Balance Being an Engaged Citizen with Spiritual Self-Care in 2020

Buckle up; we’re in for a bumpy ride this year. With the impeachment trial, the Democratic primaries, a presidential campaign that’s sure to be blistering (and probably embarrassing), and all the revelations, crises, and nastiness that are sure to arise, we have to be prepared for anything and everything in 2020. Read more

Joyful Meditation
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If Meditation Isn’t Joyful, Don’t Do It

Rabbi Rami writes, “You might ask, if I am meditating just to meditate—if there is no goal to it at all—why bother with it in the first place? Good question.” Read more

Why not resolve to make your life easier this year? Staff writer Julie Peters recommends one simple trick: Ask yourself "How can I make this easier?" (Click image for full story.)

Take Better Care of Yourself

Sphinx Pose
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Yoga Detox

The New Year is a popular time to think about detox—to cleanse all that holiday indulgence and start the new calendar year out fresh. Try these yoga poses to help detox and rebalance your body. Read more

Empty Glasses
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15 Mantras for Sobriety

If you’re considering a breakup with alcohol, participating in Dry January is a great way to reassess your relationship with liquor—whether it serves as a temporary health reset or inspires a permanent change. Here are 15 mantras to help you on your journey. Read more

Candles In Window
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Self-Care in a Cold, Dark Season

When we don’t listen to the signals of our bodies as they shift from season to season, we are causing a subtle, constant form of stress. Here are a few ways you can rebalance your body during the winter season. Read more

Woman And Her Friend
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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Friends are vital in our lives—friendships tend to last even longer than romantic relationships. But what do you do when your paths diverge and your values no longer align? Read more

Before you can change the world, you may need to change your world. Campaign for yourself and YOUR environment. (Click image for full story.)

Ceremonies and Rituals

Boy Sitting In A Boat Under A Lit Up Sky

Honor the Darkness of Winter Solstice and a New Moon

This is a potent time for honoring the darkness that surrounds us, seeking the wisdom it holds, and creating space for light that is making its way into being. Read more

Sign Of Capricorn

A New Moon Ceremony for Abundance

The new moon in Capricorn is a powerful time for setting intentions. Create space for this abundance ritual on the last new moon of this decade. Read more

Circleof Friends
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An Alternative Ritual for the New Year

Here is a little ritual you can do for yourself or with others to ring in the new year with a little bit more gentleness and intention. Read more

Dinner Table Games

A Ritual to Reclaim Dinner

Rather than thinking of dinnertime as a chore, create nightly dinner rituals to connect more with the loved ones around your table. Read more

How can we even begin to be kind to ourselves without first learning how to be kind to others? Here are six way to cultivate kindness. (Click image for full story.)