Can You Manifest?

Can You Manifest?


Manifestation requires alignment with your Emotional Energy System.

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Can you make your intention your reality? I imagine that sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes you feel that serendipitous magic—the moon and stars align, so it seems—et voila! You go from the intention of “I have a thriving business” to the reality of “I have a thriving business.” I know that some of you have manifested plane tickets to Fiji, life partners, clients, guides and more.

What makes it work? And why does it sometimes not work?

The Answer is Alignment

Manifestation requires alignment. And I don’t mean aligning the moon and stars. I’m talking about inner work. For an intention to work for you, it must align with your Energy System. Specifically, your Emotional Energy System.

The good news is that you have control over your Energy System.

What’s your Emotional Energy System?

Your Emotional Energy System is comprised of your:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Belief systems
  • Habituated patterns and behaviors
  • Blockages
  • Inner chatter, conscious and unconscious, positive and negative

So, if you have the intentions of “I am a published author,” and “I am a patient mother,” then you can imagine what thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, behaviors and self-talk would align with those intentions. You can also imagine what thoughts, beliefs, blocks and self-talk would not align with your intentions.

You can think of your Emotional Energy System as fuel for your reality. You’re always fueling some version of your reality. It just might not be the version you intend to fuel. Here’s where your inner work comes in.

Inner Work

Aligning your Emotional Energy System requires focused attention and consistent energy clearing. The more that you unhook from unconscious patterns, release programming, clear blockages, quiet your negative self-talk, the more seamless your ability to flow from idea (intention) to form (manifestation).

If this inner work feels mysterious to you, I highly recommend you invest in this course: Clear Course: Letting Go of your Energetic Baggage


It’s important to mention the role of your aligned actions to support manifesting your intention. Manifestation is aligned intention, energy and action. Don’t wait for the Universe to deliver to your doorstep if you aren’t taking aligned, appropriate actions to support your intention.

The Earth and Cosmos

Once your Emotional Energy System is aligned, it organically collaborates with the energies of the Earth and the Cosmic Field. This collaborative braid -- you, the Earth and the Cosmos -- generates the serendipitous magic that brings your idea to form. Now you’ve got the infinite potentiality of the Cosmic Field and the creative capacity of the Earth generating options for you.

The Conscious Creation Course

Manifestation isn’t wishing or hoping. It’s harnessing intention, action and energy so the Earth and Cosmos can do their part on your behalf.

If manifestation hasn’t been working smoothly for you, there are concrete skills you can acquire and implement to accomplish your goals.

The Conscious Creation Course covers:

  • Specific chakras that make up your Energetic Manifestation System
  • Specific energy flows for manifesting
  • Active meditation practices that harmonize your energy, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and desires
  • Observing, identifying and shifting thought patterns that stand in the way
  • Shaping your personal system of belief around what you want to create
  • Practices for evolving belief systems
  • Tools for working with and evolving manifest beliefs in the energy field
  • Creating powerful, effective intentions through internal clarity
  • Creating a practice of presence and attention (key ingredients for manifesting!)
  • Connecting with, and honing, your energy to align with your intentions
  • Evolving beyond your limiting thoughts and beliefs into potentiality and possibility

This course is only offered once a year and begins on February 23, 2019. Registration is open for a limited time. Now is the time. What do you want to create? Register Now

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