7 Simple Practices to Connect With Intuitive Magic


7 Simple Practices to Connect With Intuitive Magic

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Ever listened to someone with your body? This is the kind of intuitive magic you already know.

Humans are wired for connection and to have some sense of spirituality, whether it’s directed at a particular deity, to nature, the moon phases, or to community. And when we lean into the parts of ourselves that believe in the magic of all we don’t know, we are stepping into our own intuitive magic.

This doesn’t mean we don’t also pay attention to evidence. For some of us, science itself is where magic lives—in exploring the awe-inspiring natural world and the amazing things humans can do with technology. The material world is indeed a fantastical place when we take the time to slow down and connect to that.

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7 Ways to Tap Into the Magic in Your World

Protect Your Energy

Before you do any of these practices, it’s a good idea to learn to protect your energy. All you need is a little bit of imagination. Surround yourself in a circle of stones, a bubble of light, a shield of leaves—whatever resonates for you. Set a clear intention for what kind of energy is allowed into this circle and what kind is not. This is a beautiful practice, especially if you have a toxic work environment or have to spend time with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Before you go into a situation like that, imagine setting up a shield. Notice if the interaction feels any different to you or if you feel different afterward.

Get Out!

Take a walk, if you can. Notice the plants that are growing in your current season. Look closely at the tree bark, the leaves, the snow, the patterns in the rain, whatever is available. Notice beauty wherever you can

Listen to Someone With Your Body

Spend some time with someone you care about. As you do, drop into your body and your breath. Listen with your ears, but see if you can notice your body and your breath as you are listening. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll notice that you are feeling in your body a lot of what the other person is expressing.

Allow yourself to feel with them while listening to them. Explore this new level of closeness as you pay attention to your whole self while spending time with someone. If you feel comfortable, share the practice with the other person and invite them to try it at the same time. How does it feel different from regular listening?

Look to the Sky

During the day, spend some time looking at the sky. What do you see? Notice clouds, stars, the sunrise or sunset, the moon. If you can see the moon, watch her for a while. What do you notice? What thoughts or feelings arise in you?

Play With Fire

Safely spend some time with a candle flame or a fireplace. Observe the natural dance of the flames. Let your thoughts and feelings rise and fall without resistance.

Commune With an Ancestor

This can be a formal magical practice, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure you’ve set up your protection, and then call on an ancestor. This might be someone you choose—if you’d like to speak to someone you knew while they were alive, you can invite them and simply speak to them or write them a letter. You can also invite an ancestor from a long-ago time and place and have a conversation with them in your imagination. You could even commune with your own self from another time and place, such as a younger you or an older one, perhaps even the one on their deathbed. What would that other self say to you now?

Cleanse Your Energy

There are many ways to cleanse your energy if you feel like you’ve picked up some things you don’t need to carry with you. Mindfully wash your hands in cool water, setting the intention to rinse away any excess energy. You could also do this with a mindful shower. You could imagine placing your feet in a clear stream, allowing it to take away any energy that isn’t meant to stay with you and send it away to be transformed into something more helpful. You could also place your palms into the earth, offering up this energy to be transformed. Or wave your hands quickly over a candle flame to cleanse them. The important thing is the intention to let go of what you do not need.

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