A New Moon Meditation for Abundance

A New Moon Meditation for Abundance


The new moon brings about an opportunity for abundance and expansion. New moon meditation practice allows you to tap into this lunar phase of infinite possibility.

When the night sky is empty of any reflection of the sun by the moon, there is a sense of infinity, a feeling of limitlessness as the light of the stars twinkle much farther than the eye can see. The dark moon can feel like a pause, the way the breath pauses after the exhale and before the next inhale begins. There is a sweet invitation of expansion as the inhale begins, and it is in that sweetness, that sense of infinite possibility that creates the foundation for this new moon meditation.

Setting up for a New Moon Meditation

If you are not in an area where you can see the night sky, you can use your imagination or pictures to bring the image of the vastness of the sky full of stars into your mind’s eye, expanding on all sides and surrounding you with the magic of starlight. You might imagine the twinkling of the stars, this sense of life and movement as the expansion of the night sky stretches as far as the imagination allows.

For this new moon meditation, settle yourself comfortably, either sitting upright or lying down with your legs and neck supported by cushions. Take some time as you settle to make sure you are as comfortable as you can be to minimize distractions and make the most of the feeling of spaciousness and comfort you will cultivate.

New Moon Meditation for Abundance

Once you are settled into a comfortable position, begin to notice your breath. Don’t try to change how you are breathing at first, just notice how your breath moves through your body; let your breath breathe you.

Soften your belly as you begin to deepen your breath, allowing a feeling of expansion into your lower belly. Become aware of the rise and fall of your breath as your abdomen rises and falls with each inhale and exhale.

Bring your awareness to the earth beneath you. Whether or not you are in direct physical connection with the earth, you can connect with the power and stability the earth holds with your intention. Imagine that you are growing roots into the center of the earth, feel that stabilizing source beneath you, and notice how you are held by the earth, how your body is fully supported and held in Earth’s embrace. Ease into that sense of being fully connected and supported.

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If you are under the night sky, open your eyes and gaze softly at the vastness before you. Let the edges of your vision widen as you expand your sense of how far the night sky extends. If you are not able to see the sky, let your imagination take you there. The power of this new moon meditation comes from welcoming this sense of limitlessness. Breathe in this sensation of total expansion as you continue to feel deeply rooted to the earth.

Let that expansive feeling continue as you bring part of your awareness into your body. Starting with your hands and feet, slowly scan through your body, noticing how your body responds to this feeling of limitlessness. As you come across areas that feel tight and constricted, gently bring this expanded sensation into that area, allowing your breath to soften the edges of the constriction, and bringing an openness and lightness in to widen and fill it up.

Spend as much time as you like scanning the body, noticing what is there, and filling yourself with the feeling of infinite expansion.

When you feel complete, finish the meditation by affirming your connection to the earth below you and the sky above.

Start a New Moon Meditation Journal

As you continue to practice this new moon meditation as part of each lunar cycle, notice any patterns that emerge. You may notice periods of time that the area of your heart feels constricted, and other times when your solar plexus and pelvis are bound. As you begin to soften the edges, you may notice that emotions bubble up to the surface, often flooding through you. Let them move through you. Journal the physical sensations of how you are feeling and what part of the body those feelings seem connected to. Rather than analyzing why this may be, use your feeling sense to notice with compassion what is present.

The moon represents your emotions and this new moon meditation allows you to release emotions that are stored in your body from where they may have become bound. By softening and unlocking their hold, you allow those places in your body to release, and to return to a state of equilibrium and healing.

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