A Guide to Menstruating With the Moon


A Guide to Menstruating With the Moon

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Are you on a white moon cycle, red moon cycle, pink moon cycle, or purple moon cycle? Learn more about menstruating with the moon.

Have you ever noticed your menstrual cycle syncing up with the moon? The word “menstruation” comes from the Latin and Greek word mene, which means “moon.” It has long been assumed that menstruation has a relationship with the moon, mainly because a moon cycle lasts about the same amount of time as an average menstrual cycle, 29.5 days.

Science on the link between the moon and menstrual cycles is mixed, but when we start to more closely observe the relationship between our cycles and the moon, our observations may tell us something about ourselves and what stage of our lives we are in right now.

White Moon Cycle

The most common cycle alignment is the White Moon cycle, when one menstruates around the new moon. The energies of the moon’s cycle are similar to the energies of our menstrual cycles; the waxing moon tends to feel energizing, much like our follicular phase. The full moon is an energetic peak, like the ovulation stage. On a White Moon cycle, the luteal phase would happen during the waning moon; both are periods of slower energy. Finally, menstruation is a time of reflection and quiet, which aligns well with the mood of the new moon.

People on the White Moon cycle are primed for conception and gestation. This can be seen as the Mother cycle. Whether or not a baby is in the cards for you right now, the time in our lives when we are aligned with the White Moon cycle is when our energy is focused on caregiving, building, raising children, or developing ideas.

Red Moon Cycle

When your menstruation falls during the full moon, it’s believed that you are connected to the Witch realm. During the Red Moon cycle, you are in your dark menstrual phase when the moon is fully illuminated. This particular menstrual rhythm indicates that you may be more connected to magic, intuition, and the spirit world during this phase of your life. The Red Moon cycle is a good time for connecting with the spiritual, intuitive part of yourself and working with unseen energies.

Pink Moon Cycle

When you menstruate during the first quarter moon, the waxing moon between new and full, you are on a Pink Moon cycle. This indicates a transitional time in life, and that you may be moving from the more intuitive, spiritual realm into a phase of your life where you are outwardly focused and may feel inspired to build things and connect with others. You may need to reconcile what you want and need spiritually with what you want and need in the material world.

Purple Moon Cycle

When you menstruate near the last quarter moon, during the waning moon, you are also in a transitional time. But unlike the Pink Moon cycle, you may be moving from a focus on the physical realm to a focus on the spiritual side of life. This can be a powerful time in your life to heal old wounds and expand into the next phase of your being. You may need to dwell in your inner realm for a while and allow your focus to rest on your spirituality. The major question here may be how to reconcile the needs of your spiritual self with the realities of your physical body.

Aligning With the Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle

Your menstrual cycle can shift and change over time, and it’s normal to have fluctuations in timing for many different reasons. Start paying attention to the moon and how it relates to your menstrual cycle. Aligning with these energies may help you connect with the guidance of the moon and develop a greater sense of physical and spiritual wellness.

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A Guide to Menstruating With The Moon

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