2014 January/February

Healing Waters



Do Not Feed The Birds

Feeding wild birds through the winter might make you feel like a good interspecies neighbor, but it turns out that your apparent good deed may be doing more harm than good.A recent…


A World without Antibiotics?

As drug resistance spreads, once-treatable infections are becoming more and more deadly. Quick action might be needed to preserve the lifesaving potency of antibiotics for future generations.

SUE MONK KIDD: A Soaring New Novel

In her latest novel, The Invention of Wings, Sue Monk Kidd tells a tale of the relationship between an urban slave in early-1800s Charleston and her conflicted young owner, as both struggle with the dogma of their times.

HAWA ABDI: Waiting for the Rain

A Somali gynecologist, lawyer, and farmer, Dr. Hawa Abdi began sheltering refugees on the 1,300 acres of farmland surrounding her Mogadishu hospital more than 20 years ago, helping…
Tags: Climate Change



Film Review: Symphony of the Soil

Symphony of the SoilDirected by Deborah Koons GarciaIn theory, director Deborah Koons Garcia’s exploration of the wide, varied, and wonderful world of soil offers a great concept: …

Film Review: Sweet Dreams

Sweet DreamsDirected by Rob and Lisa FruchtmanForget what you think you know about the legacy of genocide. From the first frames of the remarkable documentary Sweet Dreams, which w…

Music Review: Cantus

CantusKunikoLinn RecordsKuniko Kato, a native of Japan, studied piano as a child and discovered that her small hands were limiting her abilities. “As I grew older,” she writes in t…
Tags: Music

Music Review: Future Flows

Future FlowsSteve RoachProjekt RecordsTime seems to slow down when you’re listening to Steve Roach’s new album, Future Flows. These 70 minutes of expansive, cascading soundscapes w…

Music Review: The Unchanging

The UnchangingDonna De LoryDe Lory MusicDonna De Lory’s new album, The Unchanging, is a devotional banquet. Some of the flavors and fragrances here come from De Lory’s gratitude to…
Tags: Inspiration Compassion

Book Review: Blue Future

Blue FutureProtecting Water for Peopleand the Planet ForeverBy Maude BarlowThe New PressHalfway through Blue Future, I wondered if maybe it was time to invest in a backyard cistern…
Tags: Conservation Environment

Book Review: The Practice of Nada Yoga

The Practice of Nada YogaMeditation on the Inner Sacred SoundBy Baird HerseyInner TraditionsEach of us has an inner sacred sound that connects us with the greater universe, writes …