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10 Reasons to Say No to Sex

Ranging from immediate circumstances to larger convictions, here are 10 good reasons for saying no to sex.

10 Ways Couples Can Improve Their Relationship in Stressful Times

Many couples are finding their relationship fraying right now. Here are some ideas for remaining close to your partner, whatever life throws your way.

14 Affirmations for Getting Along With People You Disagree With

Divisiveness takes a psychic toll on humanity. Affirmations remind us that we all want to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and respected.

15 Affirmations for Releasing a Relationship That No Longer Feels Aligned

Remember—letting go is not the same as giving up.

16 Affirmations for Surrender and Trust

Stuck and disappointed? Affirmations for surrender and trust can help get you through.

21 Quotes for Letting Go of the Past

Much has been said about the benefits of letting go of the past. Resentment, for example, has been labeled as a toxic poison of sorts. Trying to recreate old memories always leads …

3 Relationship Mistakes to Avoid (And Solutions for When You Can’t)

Knowing what relationship mistakes to avoid can help you and your partner argue with less friction.

3 Tools for Conscious Couples

Before you begin, read "Finding the Truth of Who You Are in Your Relationship" in the January/February 2015 issue of Spirituality & Health. Then use the print this page to use this…

4 Practices for Cultivating Feminine Magnetism

Are you feeling stiff, sluggish—as if the energy within you is in stasis? It may be time to reconnect with your intrinsic feminine magnetism.

4 Ways Social Support Makes You More Resilient

While much of the research on resilience focuses on individual strengths, it’s social support that may matter the most.

4 Ways to Incorporate More Touch Into Your Day in Socially Distanced Times

Experiencing touch deprivation? Research suggests four simple practices for relief.

5 Mistakes to Avoid for a Happy Relationship

Have you designed your relationship vision? Are you aware of your love wounds? Avoid five common relationship mistakes.

5 Qualities to Build in Yourself Before Committing

Everyone wants to be loved, especially romantically. But before committing to a romantic relationship, commit to yourself.

5 Simple Ways to Breathe Life into a Relationship

The turning of a year seems to beg us to reevaluate, revitalize, and recommit. We resolve to do better and to be better in almost every area of our lives. The only problem is that …

5 Spiritual Lessons From Parenting

Raising kids has a way of hammering home insights that are both obvious and always, somehow, slipping from our minds.

5 Ways to Create New Things to Talk About With Your Partner

Together 24/7 (or for many years) and feel like you've said it all? Here are five ways to reboot the communication and create new and meaningful conversations between you and your partner.

5 Ways to Listen from the Heart

The secrets to supporting a stressed-out partner.

5 Ways to Maintain Boundaries With Difficult People

Setting and maintaining boundaries is hard to do. Add a difficult person into the equation and things get even more ... difficult.

6 Secrets for Planning a Retreat for a Group of Friends

You’ve envisioned it for ages—escaping for a retreat with a group of dear friends. Here's what you need to know to finally get it planned.

6 Tantric Techniques to Improve Your Sex Life

Applying Tantric techniques can transform your sex life—and your sense of “potent aliveness.”