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The Unchanging
Donna De Lory
De Lory Music

Donna De Lory’s new album, The Unchanging, is a devotional banquet. Some of the flavors and fragrances here come from De Lory’s gratitude to people who have inspired and enriched her life, including Amma, the humanitarian hugging saint from South India. The album also features the voice of her youngest daughter, Luciana, and her own father, to whom the CD is dedicated. “My Dad passed last year, and it was a huge thing for me,” she told S&H. “The message of the record is about identifying with that unchanging aspect of who we are, which is divine and eternal.”

Not only is The Unchanging infused with inspiration and gratitude, but it’s also blessed with wonderful grooves and De Lory’s captivating voice. The album was mixed by Kevin Killen, known for his production work with Peter Gabriel and U2, and it features original Gabriel band members Tony Levin on bass and drummer Jerry Marotta.

The Unchanging reflects De Lory’s love of both chant and pop music. It opens with “Gayatri Mantra” and also features “Luciana,” a song dedicated to her daughter. The lovely “Amma” was based on a dream that De Lory had about the spiritual teacher. Another highlight is a delicious version of George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord.”

“I chant and play harmonium in the morning,” says De Lory about her creative process. “Then I write my songs in English at the piano.” She decided that instead of releasing one album in English and another with Sanskrit mantras, she wanted to combine them. “That’s more the way my life is,” she explains. “It feels more organic.”

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