Ilima Loomis

The Extinction of Quiet

Noise pollution is linked to health problems, and some argue it interferes with …

Highlights: Chronic Pain Chat

Thanks to all those who joined our Chronic Pain Twitter chat on May 21, 2014. We…

Partners in Pain

Communicating to those you love can be the key to managing chronic pain.

All in Your Head

Are you just imagining your chronic pain?

Join Us for a Chronic Pain Twitter Chat

Drop in for a special Twitter chat on chronic pain May 21, 2014 at 2 p.m. EST. W…

Inside the Mind of Chronic Pain

A new generation of researchers is getting inside the mind of chronic pain—and u…

Are You Attached to Pain?

The surprising reason why some chronic pain patients act like they don't want to…

Loud Planet

Noise is more than annoying—it’s harmful to your health. But should it be regulated like other kinds of pollution?

A World without Antibiotics?

As drug resistance spreads, once-treatable infections are becoming more and more deadly. Quick action might be needed to preserve the lifesaving potency of antibiotics for future generations.

Ask a Practitioner: So what’s a colon hydrotherapist?

So what made you say to yourself, I want to be a colon hydrotherapist?I develope…

History Lesson: Moving Past What Might Have Been

Still kicking yourself for that ill-advised email? Do you lie awake regretting y…

Aung San Suu Kyi: Peace Through Work

Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi reflects on her spiritual life, our democratic responsibility, and the importance of asking questions.

Getting “Close” to Geri Larkin

In her new book, Close to the Ground, the S&H columnist and Zen practitioner…


So what's it really like to be a laughter yogi?

Aikido Turns Conflict on its Head

For 60 years, American practitioners have given up the fight.

What's It Really Like to Be ... an Animal Psychic?

Six questions for professional animal communicator Maia Kincaid.

When "Organic" isn’t Organic

Fill your cart with goodies that have been certified “organic,” and you might th…