Toolbox: Beautiful Dreamer

Toolbox: Beautiful Dreamer

Deepen your rest with these tools for better sleep, selected by the editors of S&H.

Tool Aari Duvet

The luxurious, organic cotton Aari embroidered duvet cover from Coyuchi is good for your skin and the planet. ($527)

Tool Mindfold Mask

The Mindfold relaxation mask provides total darkness, without pressure on your eyes. ($19.50)

Tool Oskar

Breathe easier—and atomize sleep-aiding essential oils—with the Oskar humidifier ($159.99)

Tool Buddhas Book Of Sleep Cover Art Lg

Use the practices in Buddha’s Book of Sleep to address sleep issues with peaceful calm. ($15.95)

Tool Dreamtime

Prime yourself for sleep with a DreamTime tincture, taken with a cup of Sweet Dreamz tea. ($14 and $10)

Tool Escents Roll On

Ylang-ylang and chamomile extracts trigger drowsiness with Escents’ Sleep Aromatherapy Roll-On. ($16.95)

Tool Natura Mask

To be comfortable in the dark, try the Natura organic sleep mask. ($29.95)

Tool Stock Smartphone

Banish grogginess with the clever Sleep Cycle app—it wakes you during your lightest sleep phase. (99 cents)

X Tool Rc03085 D Delta Sleep System 2 Cd Box

The sound waves on the Delta Sleep System CD coax your brain into a deeper, more relaxed state. ($19.98) 

Tool Sleep Soundly Herbs

The Ayurvedic herbs in I Sleep Soundly will help you do just that. ($19.95)

Tool Kapok Pillow

The woolie ball pillow gives you firm, organic support. ($105)

Tool Kapok Pillow2

The fluffy kapok pillow will satisfy your craving for supported sleep. ($65)

Tool Sleep Therapy Pillow

Channel soothing sounds or white noise with the SP-151 Sleep Therapy Pillow. ($49.99)

Tool Bloodstones

Placing bloodstones in water near your bed is an ancient ritual to encourage deep sleep. ($3.25)

Tool Zkano Socks2

Organic slouch socks keep toes cozy. ($14)

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