2015 July/August

Hope for Humanity






Film Review: Planetary

PlanetaryDirected by Guy ReidPLANETARY COLLECTIVEDirector Guy Reid’s documentary fuses the highly aestheticized style of such classics like Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka—with their word…
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Music Review: Crosswinds

Crosswinds: World Flute ConversationsRajendra TeredesaiReal MusicCrosswinds is a truly beautiful flute-based album; calming, evocative, and inspiring. The emotionally intelligent f…
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Music Review: Before This World

Before This World James TaylorConcord Records James Taylor’s first studio album of new material in 13 years hearkens back to his 1997 release Hourglass. Like that album, Before Th…
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Book Reviews: Upside

UpsideThe New Science of Post-Traumatic GrowthBy Jim RendonTOUCHSTONEIf you’re feeling sorry for yourself about something minor—let’s say you’re in the second week of a wicked cold…
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Book Review: Genomic Messages

Genomic MessagesHow the New Science of Genetics Affects Our Health, Families, and FutureBy George Annas, JD, and Sherman Elias, MDHARPERONE Imagine a future where humans merge wit…
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