Toolbox: Walk in the Wild

Toolbox: Walk in the Wild

Support your soul and wander under a big blue sky with these finds for healthy exploring.

01 Tool The Meal Bar

No hunger pangs here. The Meal Bar packs a delicious and powerful nutritional punch, using certified organic and verified non-GMO whole food ingredients. ($3.25)

05 Tool Eco Armour

Keep bugs at bay with Outdoor Insect Repellent, a botanical blend that doubles as a moisturizer. ($12.50)

06 Tool Honest Sunscreen 2

Sunscreen SPF 30 protects your skin with pure mineral goodness; a great choice for sensitive skin, and it’s also reef-friendly. ($13.95)

03 Tool Benson Backpack

Pack everything you need for trail wandering in The Benson Backpack and you’ll also be contributing to a scholarship fund for students in need. ($95)

00 Tool Roo Hammock

Suspend yourself in the vibrant and lightweight Roo whenever and wherever you need to rest. ($99)

02 Tool Poppy Sun Scarf

Bundle yourself in flowers with the Poppy Sun Scarf, a delightful way to be protected from strong summer rays. ($68)

04 Tool Sore Joint Rub

For days when the hills keep luring you further, Sore Joint Rub can help curb lingering aches. ($9.99 for 2 oz)

07 Tool Speaking With Nature

Speaking with Nature offers a perspective shift that will breathe new life into how you experience the wild world around you. ($16)

001 Tool Keenfit

The travel walking poles can be compacted small enough to fit in your pack; pull them out to give yourself some stability or resistance training. ($89.98)

09 Tool Sweet Bottle

Made in America of recycled materials, the Sweet Bottle will wet your whistle with style and substance. ($23)

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