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In her new book, A God That Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of Our Planet, Nancy Ellen Abrams unravels the complexities of the universe and God.1. In your book, you talk about finding a God of your own understanding. What caused this line of inquiry to begin? Over the decades, when my astrophysicist husband was helping to create the modern scientific theory of our universe, he and I explored its human implications by coauthoring The View from the Center of the Universe and The New Universe and the Human Future. At the time, I was recovering from an eating disorder in a 12-step program. As an atheist, I was amazed that following this spiritual program to call on a higher power actually helped. Trying to understand how led to my new book.2. How has this new understanding affected your personal life? By simply opening my mind to the possibility of a higher power, my eating habits greatly improved; I stopped judging people and beating myself up in my mind; I was happier. As I developed my theory of God, the inner tensions that I had thought were simply me disappeared, and I experienced …

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