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Entries tagged with “God”

RE/VIEW: Anne Lamott

“Folk hero” among writers Anne Lamott revisits her life from writing to sobriety to creativity and her relationship with God.

Redefine Yourself at Midlife

Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler

Scriptures Reflect the Best and Worst Within Us

To these perennial questions, I offer some answers―not to close a conversation but to broaden one. I do not claim to know anything you don’t know, but if I can help you remember wh…

Should I End My Marriage?

Rabbi Rami on love, marriage, and God.

Spirituality and Insurrection

“People like to say there is only one God. They are wrong. People believe in many Gods, each mirroring the mindset of the believer.”

Spirituality and Transcendence

Does your spiritual practice take you out of this world or out, into this world?

Spirituality and Your Motherboard

“Regardless of your religion or lack thereof, what is your motherboard, your non-negotiable, your red line, your identity anchor?”

Swimming in God

Have you been searching for God? I guess I always have, too. Today, I have something to share with you, and it will help you find God more quickly."Man is the most insane species. …

The God Gap

It isn’t that Generation Z is godless, it’s that they no longer buy into (literally as well as figuratively) the God of the baby boomer generation.

This Printer May Not Exist: From Believing to Knowing

Does God exist? There are other questions that are even more important, such as “How can I live as a light in a world struggling with darkness?”

Transform Your Life One Morning at a Time

Julia Cameron’s classic practice is much more powerful if you choose the right God.

What is the Difference Between Religion and Spirituality?

I’m in recovery and suspect that my addictions keep me from knowing something. But what?Addictions are like mud on a mirror: when we look into it, we cannot see our true self. Addi…

What Kind Of God Do I Believe In?

I believe everything happens according to God’s will. Six months ago my neighbor, driving drunk, caused an accident that killed her 12-year-old daughter. Did God do this to teach h…

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