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This is your brain on exercise

How an exercise rehab specialist became a brain doctor

Illustration Credit: Rope Skippers by Japneet Kaur

In the mid 1990’s, then a fairly young Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist, I opened my first facility in the San Francisco Bay Area devoted to orthopedically sound exercise protocols, specifically for hip and knee replacement patients. I had been a trainer for about 10 years prior to that, and what I had found in running other gyms was a serious lack of expertise in the field of exercise as medicine—as protocoled treatment for specific medical conditions.So, armed with my newly earned moniker and its associated skill set, I set up shop and started implementing post-rehab programs for all things orthopedic. Being new to a new field—a field viewed with some skepticism by the medical community and patients alike—I was vigilant about not straying outside the established protocols. So I documented every movement within every session, and dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” in my Physician and Physical Therapy progress reports. Basically, I was trying not to step on anyone’s toes.The thing I learned, seeing an average of 12 clients a day, year after year, is that a lot of our success stories—the p …

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