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2012 September/October

Enbodying Change with Sarah Crowell


Lift Off! Yoga to Prepare for Inversions

Inverted postures in yoga include any pose where the head drops below the heart, and can be as simple as downward dog or as hard as headstand. These postures increase circulation a…
Tags: Yoga

Inner + Outer Worlds

<em>Edit Article</em> Gifts from Trees

Gifts from Trees

They house us, feed us, and help us breathe, yet what we tend to forget is the healing aspect of trees. Leaves, bark, and buds have long been used in rituals and medicines, and now…
Tags: Trees Nature Natural Living

For the Love of Dog

Several new studies validate the notion that living in hermetically sealed, antiseptic environments makes us more susceptible to allergies while living in environments closer to na…
Tags: Pets Allergies


Heart of Money: In God We Trust?

In this election year, there’s so much talk about the state of the economy. While the powers that be continue to point fingers, I’ve lost faith in our financial institutions. Have …


The Man Who Planted Trees

by Jim Robbins“When the Europeans  landed, the forests were so thick that it’s often been said that a squirrel could travel from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River wi…

Inspired & Unstoppable

by Tama KievesThe effervescent author  of This Time I Dance!: Creating Work You Love is back to confirm what the more adventurous and nonconforming among us have always felt t…

The Healing Power of Breath

by Richard P. Brown and Patricia L. GerbargRichard P. Brown  and Patricia L. Gerbarg, both MDs and teaching psychiatrists, weave contemporary science together with ancient wis…

Faith Beyond Belief

by Margaret Placentra JohnstonWhat brings people to leave their church, the traditions of their faith―and sometimes even their friends and family members―to embark on a personal jo…

Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change

by Pema ChodronIn her latest book, the beloved American Buddhist nun, author, and teacher Pema Chödrön affirms that it is possible to live beautifully, compassionately, and happily…

Minds in the Water

As a sport, surfing can trace its roots back to ancient Hawaii and Polynesia. As a subculture, surfing is a more recent phenomenon, dating back to the ‘50s on various Pacific shore…

"Liberal Arts"

Like several of  his huggable cast mates on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, Josh Radnor moonlights during the hit show’s hiatus. Embraced on the film-festival circuit in 2010 for…
Tags: Films Romance

"Stifters Dinge" by Heiner Goebbels

Soundscape, audio collage, musique concrète, found sound. Those are some of the ways to describe the avant-garde traditions that Heiner Goebbels has drawn upon in his career. …
Tags: Music

"Apollo" by Icebreaker

Imagine life without gravity: weightlessly floating with ease. Images of the earliest astronauts bouncing in slow motion on the moon’s surface and drifting in space exude this feel…
Tags: Music

"All Fall Down" by Shawn Colvin

Back in 1987 Shawn Colvin was a backup singer for Suzanne Vega. Look at her now! All Fall Down is Colvin’s eighth studio album, and her memoir has just been published by William Mo…
Tags: Music

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