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Shake Your Bones to Ground Your Body

An excerpt from Ann Marie Chiasson's book Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care

Sitting and the Aging Brain

We spend much of our day sitting. Whether it’s driving from point a to point b, switching channels with the remote control, or tapping away at our keyboards or phones; our bodies s…

Sun Salutations: A Dance with the Breath

I wish I could speak like music.I wish I could put the swaying splendorOf the fields into wordsSo that you could hold TruthAgainst your bodyAnd dance.I am trying the best I canWith…

The Hidden Benefits of Exercise

Long-term benefits of a regular exercise habit.

The Link Between Creativity and Movement

Creativity block? A new study suggests that simply making circular movements improves your creativity.

The Spirituality of Cycling

Feel spiritual when you’re on a bike? Embrace that feeling and make a practice of the spirituality of cycling.