A Seat at the Table

Women’s Congress for Future Generations seeks to put the "mother" back in Mother Earth.

As the mothers of humanity, women have “the sacred responsibility to leave a healthy legacy for future generations,” says Carolyn Raffensperger, executive director of the Science & Environmental Health Network. “Yet women’s voices are largely missing in the central environmental issues.”As a co-organizer of the inaugural Women’s Congress for Future Generations, Raffensperger hopes that bringing together hundreds of women―ecologists, writers, community organizers, lawyers, activists, and spiritual leaders―will help raise those voices.“Women carry future generations in their bodies,” she says. “They are the first waters, the first food, the first world―and it’s time for us to speak.”Other organizers of the event share their vision for how and why women need to participate in the environmental movement―and what led them to get involved.Heidi HutnerAssociate professor of sustainability, English, 
and women’s studies at Stony Brook University"I’m a cancer survivor. After losing my parents to cancer, and after my own illness and recovery, I became a mother. I started to research the links between cancer a …

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