Heart of Money: In God We Trust?

In this election year, there’s so much talk about the state of the economy. While the powers that be continue to point fingers, I’ve lost faith in our financial institutions. Have there been any regulatory changes you can share that would change my attitude?Financial institutions provide services to us, and we grant them trust. While there are regulatory changes proposed, you can’t infuse ethics, honesty, and virtue into an organization with laws and regulations. The government can try to regulate behaviors, but as many financial institutions have proven, they are experts at figuring out ways to manipulate regulations to their benefit. I suggest dealing with those companies that have values similar to yours.My husband insists on keeping our finances separate, because he believes we have different values when it comes to money and spending. I am worried he is hiding something from me. How can we resolve this? Open communication and transparency are crucial for the survival of any relationship, so you need to ask him directly if he is hiding something.It is great to have separate checking and savings acco …

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Paul Sutherland

Paul Sutherland resides in Michigan with his four youngest kids, ages 5 to 10. He and his wife, Amy, try to be an example of Parenting for a Peaceful world, in which democracy begins at home.

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