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How to Transform a Lack of Passion Into Greater Intimacy

How can a lack of passion in your partnership be a good thing? When you use this opportunity to grow into the next phase of your relationship: rediscovery.

If You Really Want to Be Heard, Shut Up…

…And recognize the real struggle with your partner is to hear

Infertility Solutions

Research shows that adding mind/body techniques to treatment options can increase the odds of conception.

Like Salsa For Snowboarding: On the Front Lines of Love

The first time I went skiing in high school was terrifying. I took a total of one run, which concluded in me sliding down the entire mountain on my backside. Bruised, humiliated an…

Men, Friendship, and Infidelity

“What happens when the vulnerability he’s feeling is about something in the marriage itself—an issue he does not know how to bring up with his wife?”

Moving from Fear to Flow

How to identify the fears blocking your relationship—and melt them away to restore wonder

My Best Friend’s Girl: Is the "Bro Code" scientific?

Could the “bro code” be part of our DNA? A new study has found that men’s testosterone levels drop during contact with the wives and girlfriends of their closest male pals.

Our “Go Kit” for the Zombie Apocalypse

How to remain spiritually hale in a crumbling world and useful to a society emerging from the ashes

Relationship Year in Review

As the year closes, it is a great time to review and evaluate how things are doing. Most of us are familiar with assessing our productivity, grades, health, weight, or finances, bu…

Secure Attachment for Couples: Think Like Anchors

Want a healthy, thriving relationship? Understanding attachment styles can get you there.

So You Think You Want a Divorce

If truth be told, I think every person in a marriage has questioned whether they married the right person at least once along the way. Either that or we get caught in the “grass wo…

Sorry, But Opposites Do Not Attract

A new study shows humans are drawn to people who are similar to them, whether it’s for romance or friendship.

Strengthen Your Bond in Nature

Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley. —Theodore Roethke For many of us, overwhelming stress sends us straight into the arms of Mother N…

The 3 Phases of Every Relationship

Seana McGee and Maurice Taylor, married psychotherapists and authors of The New Couple, explain how understanding the phases of your relationship can help you stay in love.Intoxica…

The Extra Step…Toward Love

After 25 years of partnership with my husband, I realize that one of the things that keep us together —lovingly together, is what I call “the little extra step.” For instance, yest…

The Importance of Showing Gratitude in Relationships

Demonstrating appreciation brings people closer

The Love Map Questionnaire

An excerpt from The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Secret of Real Anger Management

Maybe it’s time to unleash what it really feels like to care.

The Story Worth Telling

Share the story of how you met with energy, enthusiasm, and expressiveness.

The Whale of Attachment Distress

Small events create huge disturbances in our relationships. “Old wounds, usually from before we ever met our partner, are like whales that are waiting in the deep to be triggered by events on the surface of life.”