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5 Ways Better Rhythm Can Improve Your Health

Rhythm is about synchronizing with the beat of nature, and it’s one of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of health.

A Dance for Life

Tango is often thought of as a sultry dance for the young and flexible. New research shows that this passionate form of movement offers mighty benefits for all ages—backbending not…

Book Review: The Dance Cure

The Dance Cure: The Surprising Science to Being Smarter, Stronger, and HappierBy Peter Lovatt, PhD HARPER ONE THIS DEFTLY WRITTEN, entertaining book moves seamlessly from personal…

Bust a Move to Bust Stress!

Finding ways to move our bodies is a beautiful act of self-care and self-love.

Can Ballet Teach Wisdom?

A new study suggests that classical ballet might lead to increased wisdom in much the same way as meditation does.

Dance Ecstasy

The Art and Science of Dancing into Nirvana

Dance Is Medicine in “The Dance Cure” by Dr. Peter Lovatt

Want to boost your creativity, increase your empathy, and kick stress to the curb? Turns out there’s a dance for that. Peter Lovatt, known as Dr. Dance, is the author of The Dance Cure.

Dancing, Healing

Julie Peters talks with Indigenous dance artist Olivia C. Davies about dance as a healing practice.

Embodying Change: How Movement Can Transform Your Life

Research now proves what these experts already knew: that if you want to change your life, the place to start isn't in your mind, but in your body.

Emotions in Motion

Dance psychologist Peter Lovatt explains why letting the rhythm move you is a brilliant way to lift your mood.

Making Time for Truth

Lucia Horan is offering a Moon Lodge retreat beginning on Mother’s day at the beautiful Lumeria Maui.

Podcast: Dance Psychologist Dr. Peter Lovatt

Dance psychologist and teacher Peter Lovatt, author of The Dance Cure, believes every human being was born to dance.

Releasing Trapped Emotions

Creative self-expression through movement and dance can help to release unprocessed emotions that have become lodged in the body.

Sun Salutations: A Dance with the Breath

I wish I could speak like music.I wish I could put the swaying splendorOf the fields into wordsSo that you could hold TruthAgainst your bodyAnd dance.I am trying the best I canWith…

Tangos and Food Trucks: The Alchemical Dance in Marriage

Joseph Campbell describes the second stage of marriage as a place of alchemy, “of the two experiencing that they are one.” Taking the time to dance together can make that alchemy happen.

Try This Quick Dance for Joy and Silliness

Feeling down? Feeling depressed? Or maybe you’re feeling so smug that your friends would rather you were more down and depressed? If any of these descriptions fit your state of min…

Weave a Culture of Belonging

Decades ago, I spent a year exploring spiritually rich, off-the-beaten-path adventures in search of the sacred in India, Bali, Nepal, and Tibet. These cultures that changed me fore…