2020 November/December

Come Alive: Live Each Day With Mindfulness

From The Editor


The One Who Cares

If we started the year 2020 with audacious hopes for perfect vision—seeing more clearly—we were completely blindsided. Our hoped-for year of clarity became a year of befuddlement. A year of new beginnings became a year of death.

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Healing Relationships With “Holy Breath” Listening

Practicing “Holy Breath” listening can positively impact even the most turbulent relationships. “Instead of playing just a few deep, painful bass notes on their inner emotional pianos, Holy Breath listening gave them access to some higher notes. At the beginning of the healing process, such moments can be like the sun peeking through dark storm clouds.”



Poetry Page

The Garland

I would like to be laid to rest in a big tomb topped by a stone figure of an angel, who appears to have landed there in order to sob forevermore, her face buried in her bent arm, …
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re/VIEW: Barbara Kingsolver

“I find comfort in my work, because when I walk into my office and close the door, I completely leave my own life. In some ways I’m shouldering the human condition, which is a lot of weight there, but when I’m writing, when it’s going well, I have completely forgotten myself.”

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