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How to See (What I See)?

Ben Nussbaum, editor of S&H

Penelope Nussbaum

See what I see? It's natural to want to pass our vision of the world onto those close to us. But a better, and harder, approach is to try and share what worked on our personal journey to vision.

We’re fortunate to have poet and philosopher Mark Nepo as part of the S&H team. In this issue’s column, he asks two questions that I love: Are you grateful for the progress you were born into?Are you teaching those around you how to see or to see what you see? Most of us lead lives of unimaginable luxury and countless delights compared to our recent ancestors. Electricity, running water, packages of Oreos in the cupboard. I’m pretty sure my great-great-great-grandfathers would think I’m living in a golden age. So how do I make myself see my own life that way? The second question is even more important, at least to me personally. It’s one of the key questions parents have to ask themselves. How can we be sure we’re not passing on the wrong things? It’s possible to pass on prejudices and resentments masquerading inside our own brain as life lessons, and I’m sure every parent sometimes does so. But what about deeply held moral convictions? What about life choices that worked out well? Should we try and pass those on? Thinking beyond parents: Do most teachers and professors guide students down the path …

About the Author

Ben Nussbaum is the Editor-in-Chief of Spirituality & Health.

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