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Unpacking Our Lives to Make Room for Happiness

Two arrows, one straight and the other tangled

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With the new year almost upon us, it's time to start setting goals—but this year, let's do it differently.

2021 IS ALMOST UPON US. Time to do the age-old activity of setting goals. But this year, let’s do it differently. Let’s unpack and repack our lives into the life we want. What do you want for your future? What do you pray for? What do you wish for? What do you tell people you want? What do you feel you deserve? Write down the answers to those questions. Then rip up the answers. I spent my career helping people achieve their goals. Sometimes those goals involved money and aspects of financial planning, investments, business management, and career management. These are all areas that I spent my long career involved in. Sometimes in interviews, clients told me that they thought their problems and the solutions to those problems had to do with money—specifically the need to have more money. I found that it was helpful to give an overview of my view of the world of finance and how it intersected with their lives. This gave us a starting point so that we could construct a realistic financial plan that was achievable and was sufficiently in alignment with their habits, beliefs, current lifestyle, and f …

About the Author

Paul Sutherland

Paul Sutherland resides in Michigan with his four youngest kids, ages 5 to 10. He and his wife, Amy, try to be an example of Parenting for a Peaceful world, in which democracy begins at home.

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