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Healing Relationships With “Holy Breath” Listening

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Practicing “Holy Breath” listening can positively impact even the most turbulent relationships. “Instead of playing just a few deep, painful bass notes on their inner emotional pianos, Holy Breath listening gave them access to some higher notes. At the beginning of the healing process, such moments can be like the sun peeking through dark storm clouds.”

My husband found out a few months ago that I’d been having an affair. During therapy sessions, all we seem to do is fight. We leave just feeling more hurt and hopeless! He can barely speak about my affair. I collapse into shame and tears. We are both serious about our Christian faith and have been trying to ask God for help with our situation, but we feel totally lost in the intensity of the emotions. When a couple in a situation similar to yours told me they were praying to the Holy Spirit for help, I reminded them that “spirit” comes from the Latin word spiritus, meaning “breath.” I suggested the Holy Spirit they pray to is as close as their breath. “Try assuming that every time you take a breath you draw the Infinite Spirit of Healing into your body, mind, and soul and allow this ‘Holy Breath’ to flow over your vocal cords to give voice to one emotion—just a brief expression, not a diatribe of misery,” I said. They agreed to take turns voicing emotions in this way and allow about 30 seconds of silence between turns. Before we began the exercise, I shared the late Thomas Keating’s words with them: …

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Kevin Anderson PhD, Psychotherapist

Kevin Anderson, Ph.D. is a psychologist, poet, and writer who lives in the Toledo, Ohio area. His two most recent books are...

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