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Journal Prompts for a New Year

Spend 30 minutes reflecting on last year and preparing for the new year with the following journaling prompts.

Journaling Animalia

Studies suggest animals engage in their own kind of spiritual practices. Discover animal-inspired prayer through a sacred writing practice.

Journaling That Taps Into Your Own Wisdom

An invitation to mine the depths of your own truth.

Journaling to Rediscover Hidden Interests

Try this journaling exercise to rediscover something you used to be passionate about as a child.

July: Imagination

Creativity, journaling and exploring passions.

Keeping a Soul Print Journal

A unique approach to capturing special moments in your life.

Learning How to Love Your Body

Journaling can transform not only my physical health, but also emotional and spiritual health.

Left and Right Handed Journaling

When I was in my early twenties I went to see a psychic. He said I was so full of creative energy that I either needed to start writing books or I was going to start having babies.…

Letter to the Inner Child

Try this writing practice of forgiveness: Visualize the person you felt hurt by as an 8 year old.

Listening in the Labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth can allow entry to the unknown if we are willing to listen.

Managing Fear in Times of Uncertainty

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Mental Smog? Grab a Journal and Write

“Know thyself”—PlatoGreat words of wisdom, applicable to practicing yogis and non-yogis alike. Yoga is primarily about self-study (Svadhyaya). We pay attention to who we are at any…

Mind Reading Made Simple

Writing a journal allows you to dive into your internal experiences and find your true center.

My Heart Is…

Discover what’s in your heart, rather than what’s in your head.

My Year in White

A sociology professor records her experiences.

Our Walk in the World: Making Our Way

When we find each other stranded, the exercise of compassion demands that we interrupt our lives to return each other to our own true nature

Practicing Self-Appreciation through Gratitude Journaling

How you talk too and treat yourself are the biggest contributors to establishing how you truly feel.

Private Prayers: Flannery O'Connor's Faith Journal

Years before her novels and short stories earned her recognition as one of midcentury America’s greatest writers, Flannery O’Connor poured her faith—and doubts—into one slim notebo…

Shared Journaling

Instead of keeping a private journal, a shared journal can be a way to use writing to connect or deepen a relationship.

Silent Night: Journaling Under the Moon

As another year comes to a close and we look forward to new beginnings, this is the perfect time to reflect on what is working in our lives and what is not.