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Got Gut Problems?

Colorful illustration of stomach organ, with plants growing inside to symbolize gut health

Getty/Mariya Nikonova

IBS? Leaky gut? CBD products can help with many digestive ailments.

In most traditional medicine systems, including Chinese traditional medicine and ayurveda, the gastrointestinal system is the star of the show, and when a symptom arises, it is the first thing to treat. In the past few years, modern research connecting gut health to overall health has finally caught up with what Indian and Chinese medicine doctors have known for over a thousand years. Years before I started prescribing cannabis, many of my patients were already using it to self-medicate their gut issues. Back before medical cannabis was mainstream, this self-medication was a guessing game, since black market and home-grown cannabis was not tested for THC, CBD, or terpene content (which still remains tricky to test for in big batches). When I started prescribing cannabis, we were able to target the type of product to the symptom, getting impressive results on gut symptoms where drugs had failed miserably on their own. I wasn’t reinventing the wheel, since cannabis for gut issues is one of the oldest recorded uses. I was just rediscovering and honing it for the modern era. The missing piece of the pu …

About the Author

Dr. Dani Gordon, CBD, Cannabis Medicine, Integrative Medicine Specialist, and author of The CBD Bible: Cannabis and the Wellness Revolution that Will Change Your Life.

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