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“I Just Can’t Talk”

Got questions? Rabbi Rami has answers.

“What Would Jesus Buy?”: Unwrapping the Consumerism of Christmas

What Would Jesus Buy? is a 2007 documentary by producer Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) that examines how Christmas—the “season of giving”—has in fact become a seaso…

14 Sacred Blessings of the Season

Winter is a season for restoring ourselves by slipping into the dark.

7 Self-Care Tips During the Holidays

Stop feeling frazzled and find ways to slow down, find balance, and recharge.

A Christmas Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage to the Taos Pueblo for a traditional ceremony gives author Rivvy Neshama a new understanding of Christmas.One year, after family plans fell through, John and I were de…

Embracing Enchantment

Look beyond Santa and enjoy inspiration from elves, the fae, and other not-so-hidden creatures.

If You Don't Celebrate Christmas, You're Not Alone — and It's OK

Yuletide music, words and images are ... everywhere. Social media is all snowclad-landscape inspirational quotes and Santa-suited-stripper and cigar-smoking-snowman memes. Mainstr…

Spirituality and Christmas

How are spirituality and Christmas related? “To me Christmas is hopeful: a time to celebrate the potential for God-Realization in all of us.”

The Break-In Before Christmas

Yesterday, I went out to a distant corner of the property to put some lumber inside an old steel shipping container and discovered that the two padlocks had been cut and one of the…

The Christmas Bird

Excerpt from Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver

The Heart of Money: I’m sick of giving Christmas gifts to my spoiled kids. What do I do?

Q: I’m sick of giving Christmas gifts. I give a lot in my life—and I’m on a strict budget—but my kids still expect me to shell out for them. I don’t want to spoil Christmas. But I …

The Problem of How to Greet People This Season

Do you say, ‘Merry Christmas’ and risk the possibility of insulting a Zoroastrian? Or do you say, ‘Happy Holidays’ and risk the possibility of insulting a Christian?

Tidings of ... Anger and Joy?

Own your anger this holiday season as you go forth into 2021 prepared to transform those emotions into positive, practical solutions for the new year.