2018 July/August

Quest for the Sacred


Contributors: July/August

Contributors: July/August

Contributors to our July/August 2018 issue: Kelly Boys, Sandra Dieckmann, Stephanie Ludwig PhD, Jan Phillips, Parker J. Palmer PhD, and Kazuaki Tanahashi

Inner + Outer Worlds

Discovering the Light Within

Running into Faith

On one especially long winter run, I was overcome by a deep, felt sense that I could trust myself, others, and life in a way that I had never known.

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Talk to Us: July/August 2018

I gave you a second chance … I am a newcomer to your magazine. Upon reading my first issue (March/April) I was also “shocked” and disappointed to read the entry “Our Presid…

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Music Review: 7

WITH ITS HUSHED FEMALE VOCALS and lush layers of keyboard and guitar, Beach House’s atmospheric dream pop is the sort of thing hipsters might sing their babies to sleep with. But s…
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Film Review: The Seagull

MICHAEL MAYER’S frantic but atmospheric new film version of the classic play still makes the mistake of so many Anton Chekhov adaptations, which is to deemphasize the comedy. Chekh…
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