Artists: July/August 2018

Artists: July/August 2018

Summary of artists featured in the July/August 2018 issue.

Marta Bellocq
Sugar Kelp Pressing
botanical pressing

Clare Celeste Börsch
It all emerged from a tiny sea shell

Maggie Chiang
Onward, Marble
watercolor, acrylic, gouache

Sandra Dieckmann
OwlCat, ChickenFox, ZebraLion
pencil, pen, digital color

Heather Sundquist Hall
Walked a Path Just to Have a Taste, Part of Me You Carry, Let Me Lay Down
gouache on paper heathersundquisthall

Gayle Kabaker
acryla gouache

Melanie Luther
Niki at the Top Rung
acrylic, ink, and Photoshop

Caitlin McDonagh
Gerbera Daisy, Sunflower, Wild Rose, Morning Glory
acryla gouache

Andrea Caballero Salcido
Good to See You

Pete Sandker
The Glass Menagerie

Katie Schuessler
Discovering the Light Within
acrylic on canvas

Richard Sheppard
Delphi: Treasury of the Athenians
watercolor, pen, and ink

Matte Stephens
Lillian playing with an abstract thought.

Vivienne Strauss
Salad Cruise

Kazuaki Tanahashi
Can we recycle as Nature does?, Surrender
acrylic, sumi ink

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