Podcast: Myra Goodman, How to Cultivate Spiritual Bravery

Podcast: Myra Goodman, How to Cultivate Spiritual Bravery

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What practices can help us be spiritually brave when life gets hard? Author Myra Goodman shares.

Myra Goodman is the author of Quest for Eternal Sunshine: A Holocaust Survivor's Journey from Darkness to Light, in which she tells the story of her father, Mendek Rubin, who survived the Holocaust to become an inventor and sage. Her essay with her cousin Trudy Goodman, "Awaken to Spiritual Bravery," is featured in the January/February 2024 issue of Spirituality+Health.

"Spiritual bravery ... is an orientation toward life where we are aiming to learn and grow and do things that can feel a little challenging, a little scary, because we are reaching for something higher."

In this episode, Myra and Rabbi Rami talk about the concept of an "authentic self," the power of being in the present moment, and five steps to take to be spiritually brave.

Read Rabbi Rami's musings on this conversation here.

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