Podcast: Rebecca Martinez, Ethics and Psychedelic Therapy

Podcast: Rebecca Martinez, Ethics and Psychedelic Therapy

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How can we balance the new psychedelic revolution with ethics and inclusion? Alma Institute founder Rebecca Martinez shares.

Rebecca Martinez is the founder and executive director of Alma Institute, a nonprofit educational institution equipping students from marginalized communities to become legal psychedelic facilitators. She's served as an advisor to the National Psychedelics Association, the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association, and the Plant Medicine Healing Alliance.

Her new book, Whole Medicine: A Guide to Ethics and Harm-Reduction for Psychedelic Therapy and Plant Medicine Communities, is featured in the January/February 2024 issue of Spirituality+Health Magazine.

"My dream would be that we get to a place where psychedelics are ... no big deal, because they've been so normalized and because the public has such a handle on how to approach them with integrity and with care."

In this episode, Rebecca and Rabbi Rami talk about altered states, the dangers of "psychedelic evangelism," and fostering integrity in psychedelic therapy and plant medicine communities.

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