Podcast: Perry Garfinkel, How to Live Like Gandhi

Podcast: Perry Garfinkel, How to Live Like Gandhi

Photo credit: Mikkel Aaland

What impact can Gandhi's teachings have on our lives today? Journalist Perry Garfinkel explains.

Perry Garfinkel is a veteran journalist, editor, frequent speaker, and author of the bestselling Buddha or Bust. His newest book is Becoming Gandhi: My Experiment Living the Mahatma's 6 Moral Truths in Immoral Times.

An excerpt from the book, along with an edited transcript of this conversation, appears in the March/April 2024 issue of Spirituality+Health Magazine.

"When more violence pervades the world, there is always a movement of people, small but hopefully growing, who are trying to counterbalance the yin and the yang, the black and the white ..."

In this episode, Perry and Rabbi Rami talk about Socially Engaged Buddhism, contemplative Jewish tradition, and living nonviolently like the Mahatma.

Perry Garfinkle credit Mikkel Aaland

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