Toolbox: Crystal Clear

Toolbox: Crystal Clear

Explore the intriguing world of crystals with this beautiful collection of gems hand-picked by S&H.

Crystals Book

Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing is a beautiful and information-packed manual for the unique meaning and properties of various crystals, along with specific ways to use them. ($14.99) 

Golden Nectar Serum

Rose quartz crystals, known as a love stone, lie at the heart of Golden Nectar Serum: Practice self-care by applying with tenderness. ($130) 


Relax your body on a Biomat and you might find that your aches are less achy and your pains less painful, thanks to the far-infrared-heated amethyst crystal channels that make up the bulk of this mat. ($1,695) 

Pure Energy Bracelet Set

Thoughtfully created using principles of numerology and crystal properties, 68 july / august 2018 the Pure Energy Bracelet Set will wrap you with amazonite, quartz crystal, and tourmalinated quartz. ($99) 

Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation. 

— Nikola Tesla
Anxiety Magic

When life throws you one too many curve balls, rub the Anxiety Magic roller on your pulse points and temples and you’ll get the benefits of clear quartz, amethyst, amazonite, and hematite. ($16) 

Rising Springs Water

Looks like water, tastes like alkaline water. Rising Springs Water is actually a natural mineral supplement that rises up, from a depth of 2.2 miles, through silica quartz crystal-lined granite and lands on your doorstep monthly in a recyclable cardboard box. ($20 membership) 

Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts

Fill a muslin bag with Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts and soak your body in the potent blend of Dead Sea salt and quartz crystals scented with jasmine, frankincense, and neroli. ($44) 

Forever Young Gem Water Bottle

Take your hydration to the next level with the Forever Young Gem-Water Bottle and you’ll be conveniently drinking water that is enlivened with aventurine, aquamarine, and smoky quartz. ($98) 

Clearing Candle

Let the sacred act of lighting the Clearing Candle, with selenite crystal, sage, mint, basil, and lavender, inspire clarity and serenity in your home. ($20) 


  • If you want to play with creating crystal grids, you can find a guide for 24 variations, for everything from stress and anxiety to health and wellness.

  • Take a look at the e-kit Create Sacred Spaces with Crystals and you may be tempted to rearrange your own space.


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