Talk to Us: July/August 2018

Page spread from March/April issue
I gave you a second chance … I am a newcomer to your magazine. Upon reading my first issue (March/April) I was also “shocked” and disappointed to read the entry “Our President.” Meaning to write & respond, yet life got in the way, I was pleased to read a brave soul DID make the time to write. I agree wholeheartedly with the reader’s response and had the exact visceral impression of your editor’s very biased, mean-“spirited” comments. In our present-day physical realm there are far too many sources of injustice, division, and lack of peacefulness. Too much anger and unforgiveness. We (hopefully most of us) are seeking a better life, a kinder existence, a higher plane, which I believed your magazine could provide a bit of. This, my dears, was not thoughtful, whatsoever. That said, I am thankful that I did not make a snap judgement based on one person’s OPINIONS, because in this issue I read [name withheld]’s letter. Opinions are not necessarily facts. Interestingly, I have also learned by your response that I am a “reader with radically different viewpoints and beliefs.” Me, “a radical”&md …

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