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5 Predictions for the Future of Retreats

The baths will be back! Retreat veteran Mary Bemis shares her predictions for the future of retreats.

6 Secrets for Planning a Retreat for a Group of Friends

You’ve envisioned it for ages—escaping for a retreat with a group of dear friends. Here's what you need to know to finally get it planned.

6 Ways to Harness the Power of the Sacred Feminine

Humanity has neglected and disregarded the feminine for millennia. Embracing the Sacred Feminine is an indispensable contribution to the healing and transformation of the world.

Best-Kept Secret In South America: Choose Bolivia For Your Next Spiritual/Healing Retreat

“Are you ready to face yourself, surrender the ego, connect to the source, manifest your destiny, and step into service?”

Feeding Your Demons

A demon is a metaphor for anything that is taking your energy, be it fear, obsession, addiction, or something else.

Great Time at a Meditation Retreat?

Here’s a photo of our local group at our 5-day retreat downstate, which went great, thanks to my co-facilitator Karen’s hard work. I wish we were all in the photo, but a few manage…

Peering Into the Future of Retreats

“Retreat centers are ready to invite guests back onto their properties, but what that means may be vastly different in 2021 and beyond, even after the pandemic is under control.”

Redoing Retreats

A retreat, in every definition of the word, may be unattainable in your corner of the world. But retreat centers are anticipating your visit in 2021.

Shhh ... a Silent Retreat Guide

“A silent retreat is a gift to yourself to recalibrate, to connect, to learn about yourself in a beautiful way. In such a way that you can only get when your basic needs are taken care of and you are given the time, space, and instruction to meditate in silence.”

Six Secrets for Planning a Retreat for a Group of Friends

Stop talking about it! Here’s how to make a group getaway actually happen.

Staying In For a Virtual Retreat?

A virtual retreat doesn't have to be any less of a relaxing escape than a physical one. The space you retreat in (virtually or not) has an immense impact on your experience, prepare appropriately.

When You Finally Go on a Retreat ...

What to keep in mind—and what to steer clear of when deciding on a retreat.