Bless Me!

"Soar" by Shachi Kale /

Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your lower abdomen. Focus on soft, fluid, and nourishing breaths. When you feel calm, read this blessing at least three times to yourself. Author Mara Branscombe suggests you return to this blessing as needed—or write your own blessing as if your inner elder is writing it for you and to you.

I am the Sage within. I trust that my current process is the teaching I am meant to receive at this time. I honor my body as my timeless temple. I welcome my inner critic as a messenger to clear my mind of lack, confusion, and unworthiness. I let go of all things I cannot control at this time. Vulnerability and attentive listening are my way to walk hand in hand with my intuition. Like the holy rivers feeding the mother ocean, I stay fluid inside the great mystery of life. I call upon my guides and the forces within the natural world for support. I am not alone. My hands and heart are warmed by the wisdom carriers that came before me, and those who will come next. I cast my compassionate energy freely across the universe. I am attuning to my soul frequency in this moment. I welcome my inner elder home—trustworthy, wise, and expansive.

Adapted from the new book Sage, Huntress, Lover, Queen by Mara Branscombe, published by Inner Traditions. Not yet part of the Spirituality+Health community? Celebrate 25 years of S+H by subscribing here.

Soar credit Shachi Kale

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