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Contributors: March/April 2019 - Joan D. Chittister OSB, Cal Newport PhD, Julia Plevin, Marilyn Schlitz PhD, Mirabai Starr, Tracy Verdugo

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Lauren BriéreGiraffe Robot (page 25), Butterfly Bot (26)oil on woodrobotsinrowboats.com, RobotsInRowboats.etsy.com Hollie ChastainAwaits (page 38)collageholliechastain.com Brian …

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Poetry: The Sea, the Forest

Like an argument against keeping the more unshakable varieties of woundedness inside, where such things may best belong, he opened his eyes in the dark. Did you hear that, he…

Inner + Outer Worlds

Making Friends with Robots

Twenty years ago, Anne Foerst, the theologian at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, introduced us to Kismet, the first emotionally responsive robot. Now, Marilyn Schlitz, Dean of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, introduces us to Sophia, an android programmed for unconditional love, empathy, and compassion.


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