Toolbox: More Tools for Cleaning Your Brain

Toolbox: More Tools for Cleaning Your Brain

These picks by S&H will help your mind stay sharp and clear.

Tool Forest Bathing

Be inspired to seek out the restorative benefits of nature by keeping Forest Bathing Retreat close at hand. ($14.95)

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Tool Nowtone Therapy

Cultivate your meditation habit with soothing sounds of the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System and create space and freedom for your mind. ($149)

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Tool Mega Mag

Mega-Mag will help raise levels of magnesium in your body, an important mineral that supports healthy memory and learning. ($10.64)

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Tool Kombu

Enjoy the subtle flavor boost of Kombu in your next meal, harvested by hand from the clean waters off Mendocino County, California, and recommended by experts for brain health. ($5.90)

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Tool Hand Weights

Get the brain-boosting benefits of strength training with the Loft Dumbbells, made from stainless steel and sustainable walnut, and beautiful enough to have on display. ($525)

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“The brain is a muscle of busy hills, the struggle of unthought things with things eternally thought.”

—Joyce Carol Oates

Tool Upright Go

Train your way to better posture with Upright Go, a wearable device that reminds you to create a clear channel through the spinal column. ($99.95)

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Tool The Shift

Practice slowing down with a focused breath practice using The Shift, and you’ll activate your parasympathetic nervous system, nourishing your neurons in the process. ($115)

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Tool Primus Trail Fg

Give your brain, and feet, a boost with the Primus Trail FG, which let you connect with the earth, and provide comfortable protection for your soles. ($145)

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Tool Spice Madam

Serve your brain variety with the Spice Madam Monthly, a curated mix of spices, recipes, and music suggestions from an exotic destination—no packing required. ($20)

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Tool Walnuts

A remarkable look-alike to our brain, walnuts provide omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent cognitive decline and keep your mind sharp. ($8.55/7 oz.)

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Tool Sleep Stories

Nod off to soothing Sleep Stories, and you’ll maximize one of the most important times for clearing out the buildup of toxins in your gray matter and increasing its volume. ($9.99/month)

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Tai chi  has been shown to benefit the brain and the body in lots of different ways. Find a class near you.

Answer the questions on Dr. Daniel Amen’s Brain Health Assessment and you’ll get a full report on your brain type and specific ways you can improve various aspects of it.

—Kalia Kelmenson

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