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Become a Mindful Reader

Reading—it’s one of the first things we do in life, sitting on our loved ones’ laps and enjoying the soothing voice of a parent explaining the world through pictures and words. What begins as a jumble of marks, black against white, conjures colors, monsters and beasts, emotions, laughter, and tears. Eventually, the process of changing squiggles into words becomes as natural to us as breathing—and just as necessary.

Four Biblical Verses For This Time

“Life is wild and nothing is permanent. Now deal with it.”

Lectio Intima

There is perhaps nothing that so fundamentally realigns your understanding of another person as to see and hear them engaged with the Holy ...

Missed Treasures: Summer Spirituality Book Club

Join Zen practitioner and S&H columnist Geri Larkin on a guided reading of three essential spiritual texts. For June: A Path With Heart by Jack Kornfield

Our Favorites: Books That Changed the Way We Think

Our favorite book picks by the S&H Staff The Open Mind by Dawna MarkovaThe Open Mind taught me that an important discussion with my husband would yield better results if we talked…

Reading Between the Lines

New studies find that getting lost in a good novel actually makes us more empathetic in real life.

Spirituality and Reading

Spiritual reading is just one way to engage deeper with wisdom and wonder.

Words vs. Pictures vs. Sounds

Which is your best learning mode?

Yogic Prescription of the Week: Read Some Good Fiction

I was sitting with a yoga teacher friend the other day, and he was having one of those freak-out moments we all have from time to time. You know the one: “I’m not good enough, I do…