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7 Tales of Digital Minimalism

What we all need is a philosophy of technology use, something that covers from the ground up which digital tools we allow into our life, for what reasons, and under what constraints.

Pretty in Pink by Ruth Shively

Pretty in Pink by Ruth Shively

Around the time I started working on this piece, a columnist for the New York Post published an op‑ed titled “How I Kicked the Smartphone Addiction—and You Can Too.” His secret? He disabled notifications for 112 different apps on his iPhone. “It’s relatively easy to retake control,” he optimistically concludes. These types of articles are common in the world of technology journalism. The author discovers that his relationship with his digital tools has become dysfunctional. Alarmed, he deploys a clever life hack, then reports enthusiastically that things seem much better. I’m always skeptical about these quick‑fix tales. In my experience covering these topics, it’s hard to permanently reform your digital life by using tips and tricks alone. …

Cal Newport

Cal Newport PhD is an associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University and runs the popular blog Study Hacks, which explores the impact of technology on our ability to perform productive work and lead satisfying lives. His previous books include Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You. 

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