Artists: March/April 2019

Artists: March/April 2019

I Believe in Magic by Tracy Verdugo

Lauren Briére
Giraffe Robot (page 25), Butterfly Bot (26)
oil on wood,

Hollie Chastain
Awaits (page 38)

Brian T. Kershisnik
Lovers Reading (page 36)
oil on canvas on panel,

Michael McConnell
Walking Professor Woof Woof (page 30)
acrylic on panel,

Michelle Morin
Spring Lichen, New Hampshire Woods (page 40) acrylic on panel,

Christina Mrozik
Fronds and Furls (page 16)
watercolor and marker on paper,

Estée Preda
Shrine (page 42), Libra Mountain Pass (44)
ink and gouache

Kendra Baird Runnels
Even When It Rains (page 23)
acrylic and mixed media,

Andrea Caballero Salcido
Lazos & Libertad (page 33)

Ruth Shively
Pretty in Pink (page 47), Young Girls on Train (49), More Girls Shopping in Japan (50)
oil on panel,

Matte Stephens
Irving Ponders the Nature of Consciousness. (page 29)

Claire van Heukelom
Bookclub (page 35)
traditional and digital processes,

Tracy Verdugo
My Worlds of Secret Wisdom (page 52), I Believe in Magic (55), Be the Change You Wish to See (56)

Jesse Zhang
40 Days to a Lean, Calm, Energized & Happy Self (pages 58–64)
digital illustration,

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