2017 January/February

Adyashanti: The Vitality of Silence


Inner + Outer Worlds

5 Questions for Dava Sobel

In your book, you describe some of the women as “human computers.” What does this mean?In the days long before laptops—even before mainframe computers—human beings performed all th…
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Best Books of 2016

S&H’s Favorite Guides for Walking the Seeker’s Path

Book Giveaway: Visit bookmark.spiritualityhealth.com by January 31, 2017, and enter to win a collection of select titles.

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Music Review: Keep Me Singing

Keep Me SingingVan MorrisonCaroline InternationalKeep Me Singing is Van Morrison’s 36th studio album—his first since 2012—and the singer’s smooth voice and bluesy lyrics remain imm…
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