Book Review: Beautiful Trauma

Beautiful Trauma by Rebecca Fogg is rich in philosophical insights, humorous surprises, bizarre happenings, and amazing feats. Readers will quickly be drawn into Fogg’s personal st…
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Book Review: Real Life

Real Life is the latest in a series of books on everyday wisdom (Real Love and Real Change are two others) by Sharon Salzberg, eminent meditation teacher and champion of loving-kin…

Film Review: Corsage

Many viewers may take issue with the attitude of the main subject of Corsage, Marie Kreutzer’s stylized biopic of Austria’s 19th century Empress Elisabeth (played by Vicky Krieps).…
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Film Review: Tori and Lokita

Belgian filmmakers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne have spent their careers making films that draw attention to the plight of those living on the margins of European society. With Tor…
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Music Review: Mercy

Mercy, the new album from avant-rock icon John Cale, is chock-full of ruminations on the state of the world and includes deep reflections of the artists Cale, now 80 years young, h…

Music Review: Pasado en claro

Poetry and improvisation are the passionate threads that weave through the new international album Pasado en claro (The Past is Clear). Jazz, classical, and folk music genres are b…

Book Review: Wyrdcraft

The Old English wyrd (pronounced “weird”) means fate or destiny. It is the spiritual web that gives our life meaning and connects us all. Ever present and elemental, it is the sour…
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The Power of Awe

Book Review: The Power of Awe

What if you were offered a microdose as potent as a psychotropic that lifts depression and gives you a buzz? Would you try it? Turns out, we all have access to something just as po…
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Gentle Power by Emilia Elisabet Lahti, PhD

Book Review: Gentle Power

For many of us, the word “power” evokes images of executives around a conference table, politicians delivering fiery speeches, or, unfortunately, all kinds of violence. But what if…
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