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Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson, Ph.D., is a retired educator who now works with the Children and Nature Network as curator of the Research Library. She also devotes her time to writing and consu…

Scenic New Mexico landscape
A GREAT Place to Live

Magnets attract you to a place and anchors keep you there. What are your magnets and anchors?

An older man with glasses
Aging With Wiggle Room, the Great Glory of Life

“I turned 77 on my last birthday and now recognize some of the effects of aging. I can’t wiggle my body in quite the same way as I did when I was 7 or 17, among many other things I can’t do quite as well now.”

Painting of cherries
Eat With Grace to Deepen Your Connection With Others and the Earth

Eating with mindfulness and awareness may be one of the clearest pathways to understanding the soul/mind/body connection and can help strengthen our bond to the rest of the natural world.

woman pointing to self dependable strength
A Dependable Strength Sticks With You Over the Years

Relying on your dependable strength allows you to live a happier and fuller life—take it from a 78-year-old expert on living better.

Rate Your Pain

Rating your pain can help you brush off the little stuff and focus on what truly matters. “While this rating system doesn’t take the pain or hurt away, it helps me put it in perspective.”

We Don’t Have to Be Perfect

A lesson learned: be true to yourself and to be grateful for who you are.

Following the Spiritual Path of the Coyote

“I’m in awe of the way coyotes practice mindfulness in their day-to-day lives. They display a calm awareness of everything that’s going on around them and give complete attention to what they’re experiencing on a moment-to-moment basis.”

Are You Plant Blind?

Just by occasionally focusing on the natural world, you can bring more joy, peace, and wisdom into your life.

Want to Be Happier? Nurture Your Ecological Self

Do you have a relationship with Planet Earth—your home? Taking time to focus on and appreciate the place you live creates a feeling of connection and health.

Fish, Freedom, and Fate

“Are we freer when we let go of the need to own, to control, and, sometimes, even to know, especially when the path to knowledge violates the spirit of other living things?”

Spiritual Wills & Legacy Projects

A legacy project or spiritual will allows you to pass on your values to loved ones and record what you prized in life. There’s value in the process as well as the outcome.

Resilience While Aging

Resilience is even more important when aging. Luckily, it’s a skill that can be strengthened.

Philosophy and the Good Life

Philosophy isn't just for professors. Embracing a philosophical attitude can make you healthier, happier, and (of course) wiser.

You’re in Charge of Celebrations

“A true celebration is never passive. Celebrations aren’t about being amused or entertained. A true celebration is an active response to the wonders and blessings of life.”

Breathe, Don’t Plead: An Idea of Prayer

“Prayer, to me, is more about silence than words—or as Jefferies says—it’s about being ‘rapt in the fullness of the moment.’”

The Merging Effect

Relationship building beyond our own homes.

Never Stop Playing

Creativity and play go hand in hand. Cultivating both of these natural instincts later in life is key to wellbeing.

Balancing Your Life Calendar: Appointments & Disappointments

Kahlil Gibran said, “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” As we age, thinking about the relationship between joy and sorrow can help us deal with some of the heavier disappointments in life.

Find Your Theme – Tell Your Story

Have you found your theme?

Walking the Tree Labyrinth

Create your own labyrinth, finding the trees amidst the cactuses and bushes.

Do You Have a Spiritual Wellness Plan?

What is spiritual health and how can you improve yours? Try this spiritual health assessment tool as a starting point.

How Awe Narratives Can Transform Your Life

Want to be more loving and caring, with better health and enhanced wellbeing? Try awe narratives.

Book Review: Relighting the Cauldron

Take a moment to envision the core of the Earth as a cauldron bubbling over a fire. What would happen if this fire were extinguished? This sobering question is raised by Rev. Wendy…

Book Review: Beautiful Trauma

Beautiful Trauma by Rebecca Fogg is rich in philosophical insights, humorous surprises, bizarre happenings, and amazing feats. Readers will quickly be drawn into Fogg’s personal st…

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph Offers a Path to Reconciliation

Unity and healing are at the center of Chief Dr. Robert Joseph's teachings. We spoke to him about universal values, his own elders, and Indigenous languages as "languages of the land."

Book Review: Koshersoul

Reading Koshersoul can make you hungry—not just because it talks about food, but because it also discusses other nourishing aspects of life, including spirituality, community, belo…

Book Review: Namwayut

Sometimes the path to peace is through a struggle with self. This was so for Chief Robert Joseph, a survivor of a residential school for Indigenous children in Canada. For him, t…

Matt Kahn on the Importance of Holding Space

What does it mean to truly love other people, and how can we transform pain into compassion? Author Matt Kahn shares his wisdom.

Book Review: All For Love

Matt Kahn’s new book, All for Love, is both poetic and practical. The poetic part appears in definitions and descriptions. For example, conversation is defined as “a dance of shari…

Book Review: Secrets From a Herbalist’s Garden

From the title, you might think Secrets From a Herbalist’s Garden is about gardening. From the subtitle, “A Magical Year of Plant Remedies,” you might think the book is about medic…

Think Verb, Not Noun

Breath action into everyday words. “You might be surprised at how many nouns in the English language can be used as verbs.”

Dr. Susan Sands on the Pleasures of Living in an Aging Body

“Not letting ourselves age is a way of not letting ourselves live.”

The Good Noise: Sound Medicine Works

While researchers are still exploring the mechanism of sound medicine, studies show that sound therapy boosts spiritual wellbeing and reduces anxiety and pain.

Book Review: The Inside Story

AS LONG AS WE’RE LIVING, we’re aging. For some, this is cause for concern, and as we get older, we may look for strategies to fight against it. Dr. Susan Sands, in her book The Ins…

What’s in Jo Dunbar’s Herbalist Garden?

Jo Dunbar’s holistic approach combines herbal medicine with hypnotherapy, diagnostic tests, nutritional supplements, and dietary advice.

What’s Good About Them?

Dealing with a difficult friend or family member? See them in a new light.

Dendrolatry and the Spiritual Meaning of “Treeness”

Should we worship something that isn’t perfect or can harm us, or are we missing the point of dendrolatry altogether?

Unearthing Ecstatic Memories

Ecstatic memories are “radioactive jewels buried within us, emitting energy across the years of our life.”

4 Ways to Be Wise

Beyond “knowing best,” wisdom is a process one must tap into.

Is Beauty the Only Necessity?

What is beauty? Why is it important? “Perhaps we should think of beauty not only as something that we should have but as something we should be.”

Book Review: The Future Ancestor

Annabelle Sharman—an Aboriginal woman of the Mutti Mutti tribe—describes herself as a Spirit Weaver, helping guide people in the practice of YUMA: a “Dreaming to live in Oneness.” …

Ecotherapy: Nature Is Good Medicine

Taking time to engage with nature is as close to a cure-all as you’ll find. Ecotherapy can make you feel happier, less fatigued, and more at peace.

Longings and Belongings: Gift-Giving Reflections

The gift-giving season is almost here, but that doesn't mean purchasing more “stuff” for your loved ones. “I’ll be focusing more on relationships than commodities, more on longings than belongings.”

A Natural Longing, A Holy Longing

I was only fourteen years old when I left home to become a Catholic nun. I thought the “religious life” is what I needed to satisfy a holy longing within me – a longing to be conne…

What We Yearn For

If you’re thirsty, you crave water. If you’re hungry, you want food. If you’re lonely, you yearn for companionship. Once our basic needs are met, we sometimes strive for perfection…

To Die with a Song in My Heart

How deathbed singers infuse comfort and a sense of the sacred to the dying

Caring for the Earth as a Spiritual Practice

When it comes to my relationship with the Earth, I sometimes ask, “Should I save it or savor it?” There’s no doubt that Earth is in need of saving, and I know I have a role to play…

Dusting off the Mind

Turn everyday activities into a mindful practice

The Building Blocks of Calm

I remember my mother saying, “It’s a sin to worry.” When pressed to explain what she meant, she would often respond, “It’s all in God’s hands.” I think my mother used these sayings…

What’s on Your List?

Do the items on your list reflect your true self?

Building Relationships One Step at a Time

Walking can be a path to a better understanding and appreciation of each other.

Nourishing Self and Others

Clean eating can be more than a health practice; it can be a spiritual practice.

My Heart Is…

Discover what’s in your heart, rather than what’s in your head.

Out to Lunch

Having a mindful lunch is not the same as eating lunch.

Nurturing Creativity Through Nature

Here are 5 suggestions on how you might look to nature to enhance your own creativity.

Aging With Humility (We’re Not Indispensable)

Think of yourself as a leaf on a tree. Contributing what we can while realizing we’re not indispensable releases us to appreciate our own life cycle.

Real Relationships in a Virtual World

How to create deeper connections in a virtual workplace.

Start a Meditation Group

If you’re interested in starting a meditation group, here are several tips you might find helpful.

Discovering Your Dependable Strengths

Identify and understand your strengths as a path toward self-discovery.

How Letting Go of Expectations Enables You to Live Better

Expectations can lead you astray, and hanging on to them can lead to disappointment and angst. The author learned three lessons from her peach trees about unmet expectations—and how letting go of expected outcomes can lead to a better life.

Finding Joy in Simple Things

Two questions to ask yourself for leading a simpler life.

Celebrating the Failure of My Spiritual Journal

Keeping a spiritual journal may seem like a good way to record your spiritual progress. But what if the pages stay blank?

The Power of the Smile

Intentionally smiling can be part of your spiritual practice.

Imagineering the Soul

Look to innovative thinkers like Walt Disney’s Imagineers to revitalize your spirit.

Ways of Knowing

Intuitive ways of knowing go beyond conscious thinking and guide us to truths that are difficult to prove or even explain.

Deepening an Emotional Attachment to Nature

I was fortunate to grow up in a family where sensitivity to nature was nurtured. We lived on a farm with daily interactions with the natural world. I got to know nature as somethin…

How to Encourage Contemplation With a Zen Garden

If you’d like to develop a Zen garden of your own, follow these suggestions.

What My Puppy Teaches Me

Puppies can teach us a lot about how to respond to frustrating and difficult situations in positive and productive ways.

Replace Worry With Wonder

If we dig deep, we can unearth wonder(ful) ways to survive and even thrive through this stressful time.

Combat Loneliness by Expanding Your Circle of Concern

“As your circle of concern becomes larger, the field of loneliness for yourself and others will become smaller.”

How to Forgive Yourself by Practicing Restorative Justice

“Learning about and trying to practice a form of restorative justice can help you work toward self-forgiveness.”

Tequia’s Top 5 Stories for 2019

New S&H Managing Editor Tequia Burt shares her top picks from 2019.

Community Champion: Sally Anderson, Founder of SOL Forest School

Sally Anderson is transforming preschool age students into “treeschoolers” with a nature and place-based approach to learning with SOL Forest School.

The Best Gifts 2022

For this year’s gift guide, we asked S&H contributors and readers for some of their favorite gifts—gifts they’ve given or received, or even gifts they wish had been exchanged.