Book Review: All For Love

reviewed by Ruth Wilson
The cover of All For Love by Matt Kahn

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Matt Kahn’s new book, All for Love, is both poetic and practical. The poetic part appears in definitions and descriptions. For example, conversation is defined as “a dance of sharing and listening.” The practical part appears in clear, doable suggestions for how to enter into deeper and more meaningful relationships with others. Kahn’s book is inspirational and visionary. The idea that an evolutionary shift to greater love and unity in our personal and collective lives is possible runs throughout the book.

The title expresses what the book is all about—that is, love for self, for others, and for the universe. Love, as Kahn describes it, is more than a positive feeling or a fond embrace. Kahn describes a deeper form of love which involves bravery, confidence, and compassion. This form of love is nurtured and expressed through the practice of holding space—a practice based on being with others in a supportive and nonjudgmental stance.

Kahn recognizes that differences based on race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, identity preference, and other personal and social characteristics can make holding space especially challenging. Living up to this challenge calls for a stretching of ourselves, a broadening of our circle of concern. Suggestions are offered throughout the book on how to meet this challenge. The suggestions are framed around ten essential principles. Each principle is discussed in separate chapters of the book. Personal stories, guidelines for applying the principles, and words of encouragement are highlighted throughout the discussions.

Kahn explains how holding space is a journey to be taken over time. The principles outlined in All for Love provide a roadmap for navigating this journey.

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