5 Questions for Thich Nhat Hanh

Photo by Richard Friday

1. How did your childhood influence your spiritual path?When I was seven or eight, I saw a drawing of the Buddha sitting on the grass, very peacefully. I was impressed, because people around me were very unhappy and not peaceful. This picture gave me the idea that I could someday be like him, someone who could sit very still and calm. I think that was the moment that I first wanted to become a monk.2. Do you still experience struggle? How do you deal with it?I think one of the biggest struggles each of us faces is with the notion “I am.” The belief in a separate self is the root of much suffering. Stopping and sitting quietly allows me to look into the nature of everything and touch the truth of inter-being. I learn to see that what we call the “self” is made up of many things that are always changing.3. When was the last time you were deeply moved?Every morning I leave my hut and take a walk. The sky is still dark and I walk gently, aware of nature all around me and the fading stars. One day I came back to my hut, after a beautiful morning walk, and wrote: “I am in love with Mother Earth.” I was as exc …

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