15 Ways to Deepen Your Practice

15 Ways to Deepen Your Practice

1. Teach your practice to a novice who is hungry to learn.

2. Practice in secret. There is a temptation to get “credit” for our practice, from friends or a teacher. Find out if you can spend an hour in meditation without telling anyone.

3. Create a space in your home for your practice that is inviting and sacred.

4. Practice first thing in the morning or last thing at night (or both!).

5. Keep a journal of your practice. Jot down notes after each class, seminar, or session, recalling what you learned and your experience.

6. Take on a new challenge within your practice—try a move or teaching that you’re not sure you can do.

7. Share or demonstrate your practice to your parents, friends, spouse, or child.

8. Ask questions! In a quiet, private moment, sit down with your teacher and speak freely about what confuses or concerns you.

9. Immerse yourself in a retreat where a community of practitioners surrounds and supports you.

10. Take your practice outdoors or to a new setting.

11. Have a beginner’s mind. Surrender to your teacher’s instruction. This doesn’t mean you have to accept everything unconditionally, but let go of the struggle.

12. Learn about the history of your practice.

13. Go public with your practice. Don’t be shy to meditate (or practice yoga or tai chi) in a public space.

14. Explore the aspect of service in your practice. Embrace it willingly.

15. Live your practice, not as something you do but as who you are. Let your words, actions, and intentions reflect the highest in the teachings you follow.

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